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The AQ7275 is one of the best selling OTDRs in the world. Model lineup has been expanded to a total of 9 models to choose from with a dynamic range of up to 45dB . Wavelength capability spans from 850nm (MMF) to 1650nm (SMF). An impressive 0.8m event dead zone makes this model an excellent choice for FTTH and metro, core networks.

Enhancements include a PON option allowing accurate event analysis after a 1×32 splitter with significantly reduced undershoot effects. Also unique to the industry is a built-in section of launch fiber to eliminate the need for a separate launch box.

Latest standard features includes the convenient capability to display a fiber connector inspection probe using one of the unit’s standard USB I/O ports.

Yokogawa’s OTDR has improved to suit your changing needs:

  •     Wide Range of Modules Available
  •     Enhanced support of FTTH to Metro, Core Network
  •     High Dynamic Range (45dB)
  •     Short Dead Zone (0.8 m)
  •     Optional built in Dummy Fiber

Wide Range of Modules Available

Applicable Fiber No. of Wavelengths Wavelength Dynamic Range Model Descriptions
SMF 1 1650nm 30dB 735031-New 1650nm model, supporting maintenance wavelength of 1650nm including
1310/1550nm cut filter.
2 1310/1550nm 34/32dB 735032 Standard model for installation and maintenance of FTTH
2 1310/1550nm 40/38dB 735033 Standard model for installation and maintenance of Metro and Access network
2 1310/1550nm 43/41dB 45/43dB(typ.) 735034-New High dynamic range model for installation and maintenance of Core and Metro network
3 1310/1490/1550nm 34/30/32dB 735035-New 3-wavelength model for PON system, supporting 1490nm
3 1310/1550/1625nm 40/38/33dB 735036-New 3-wavelength model, supporting a maintenance wavelength of 1625nm including 1310/1550nm cut filter
3 1310/1550/1650nm 40/38/30dB 735037 3-wavelength model, supporting a maintenance wavelength of 1650nm including 1310/1550nm cut filter.
3 1310/1550/1625nm 40/38/36dB 735038-New 3-wavelength model, supporting a maintenance wavelength of 1625nm
4 850/1300 nm
1310/1550 nm
40/38 dB(SM)
735041-New 4-wavelength model for installation and maintenance of LAN and FTTH with support for both multimode and single mode fiber. Dynamic range is specified when measuring 50GI fiber.

Meets a broad range of measurement needs from FTTH to Metro, Core network.
Tm Aq7275 04 1

Event Dead Zone 0.8 m

Accompanying the rapid proliferation of FTTH is a growing need for detection of reflective events arising from short distance mechanical connections. The AQ7275’s short event dead zone enables detection of closely spaced events in cables installed in offices and customer premises. J014 Tm Aq7275 04

High Dynamic Range up to 43 dB (45dB typical)

The new High Dynamic range model (735034) can achieve the dynamic range of 40 dB. This high dynamic range is effective in measuring a transmission line consisting of long fiber cables and a splitter with a large loss. AQ7275 WEB Modify 3

Quick Startup within 10 Seconds

Now measurements can be started quickly upon arrival at the site. 10 seconds to power-up from completely OFF to fully ON! With such a fast power-up time, battery life can be extended by turning the power off while not in use at the job site without any concern about the power-up time when the next job is ready. It’s ready when you’re ready!


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